Surgical Table Sales & Distribution

It may not be the most glamorous tool in the operating theater, but experienced surgeons know what matters most is resting on the surgical table. Cutting edge surgical techniques often require cutting edge surgical tables. Because today’s surgical teams have more choices in operating tables than ever before, they need Waypoint Medical more than ever before.

Waypoint Medical can point you to the right surgical table for your hospital or practice. From exam tables to x-ray imaging tables to inversion tables, Waypoint Medical provides New England’s finest hospitals, clinics, physician offices and more with operating tables that hold up under pressure.

Waypoint Medical is proud to work with one of the largest and most trusted names in c-arm surgical table technology—Surgical Tables Inc. (STI). STI surgical tables are rugged, impeccably designed, and precision-engineered. Versatile and flexible, STI exam tables transition between many different kinds of radiology and imaging procedures. STI is also one of the most affordable surgical table lines available, making state-of-the-art surgical tables affordable at many different price points.

Let Waypoint Medical help you select from our complete line of high performance, high value STI surgical tables today.