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Mini C-Arm Fluoroscopy Imaging from Orthoscan

Waypoint Medical seeks out cutting edge medical imaging technologies that advance understanding, improve outcomes, provide value and protect patients. While all c-arms are built to extend a physician’s sight, we know the very best c-arm machines also provide insight. We’ve worked with every medical imaging technology around, and we know Orthoscan c-arm imaging solutions are visionary.

Orthoscan c-arm machines set the standard for c-arm imaging. Only Orthoscan c-arm machines can offer you:

  • Powerful Pulse Imaging
    If the human eye can only detect motion at a frame rate of 30/ps—the frame rate of television and movie screens—why expose patients to a continuous stream of radiation? The Orthoscan FD Pulse Mini C-Arm replicates the 30/ps frame rate of human visual perception, capturing extraordinarily large and detailed medical images in rapid 30-pulse bursts. By harnessing powerful new research on how the human eye detects motion, Orthoscan c-arm machines lower radiation exposure by as much as 80% without compromising the quality of the finished image.
  • Flat Form Design
    With the flattest mini c-arm detector on the market—just 2”—surgeons can bring the detector right to the operating table for a better look. An over-rotation of 150 degrees and increased orbital movement for optimal positioning mean you don’t need to stress patients to get the best view.
  • Extraordinary Medical Images
    With a c-arm flat detector 35% larger than the competition, embedded surgical lights to reduce shadows, and 200% more pixels broadcast to the screen, Orthoscan lets you see more clearly—and diagnose and treat your patients more accurately.

Waypoint Medical is proud to represent Orthoscan c-arm imaging technologies, and your dedicated medical sales representative can help you and your practice personalize their professional c-arm fluoroscopy equipment for your needs. After all, we know the tools, technology, and trends of medical imaging, and we take the time to get to know you.

When you work with Waypoint Medical to find your c-arm imaging solution, you see a real difference.