Medical Imaging Sales & Distribution

At Waypoint Medical, we understand the importance of medical imaging and the critical role it plays in the safety and outcome of procedures for both you and each patient. State-of-the-art medical imaging technology like c-arm machines facilitate more non-invasive treatment options, and verify diagnoses, progress, and outcomes. And today’s cutting edge c-arm fluoroscopy tools offer bigger, sharper images with less radiation exposure than ever before.

Waypoint Medical is known for sourcing and supporting the most extraordinary C-Arm imaging technology available. Our exclusive partnership with Orthoscan, the world’s premier c-arm machine manufacturer, lets us personalize the best c-arm imaging technology and mobile c-arm devices for New England’s most prestigious hospitals, surgical centers, rehabilitation centers, sports clinics, sports teams, and physician offices. Soon we will be launching a full sized flat detector C-Arm.

Your dedicated, experienced Waypoint medical sales representative will help you select the right mini c-arm or mobile c-arm imaging equipment for your practice—and will be available whenever you need us to help you make the most of its powerful features:

  • Orthoscan FD Pulse Mini C-Arm
    Orthoscan FD Pulse Mini C-Arm reduces c-arm machine radiation exposure and imaging shadows while expanding image size and clarity, and offers the industry’s flattest, most versatile flat detector. If you want to see what’s really going on, take a look at today’s Orthoscan c-arm imaging technology.
  • Orthoscan Mobile DI
    The new standard in mobile mini c-arm imaging, the Orthoscan Mobile DI lets you take the most accurate, high resolution X-ray and Fluoroscopy images on the go. At just 35 pounds and with an intuitive, streamlined interface, this mobile c-arm can been seen in emergency and urgent care clinics, plastic surgery facilities, hand surgeons offices, podiatry offices, sports venues, and military units around the world.

If your office, hospital, or practice isn’t getting the view you want from your current medical imaging technology, call Waypoint Medical. We’ll give you a personalized overview of your options and while providing quality service you can count on.

When you work with Waypoint Medical to find your personalized medical imaging solution, you see a real difference.