Compounding Cream Sales & Distribution

Compounding pharmacies scientifically craft medications personalized for individual patients. Just as each compounded medication and compounding cream is unique, so are compounding pharmacies.

As the proud, representative for Pinnacle Pharmacy in New England, Waypoint Medical is your way to get the most experienced, accurate and affordable compounded medications, wound creams, scar removal creams, and other compounding creams for your patients. Pinnacle Pharmacy was founded by experienced physicians who felt there had to be a better way to create premium, personalized pharmaceuticals—and they succeeded. By using only the best ingredients, the most experienced pharmacists and the most rigorous testing, controls and monitoring, Pinnacle Pharmacy has taken compounded medications to new heights.

When you work with Waypoint Medical, you can compound cream and medications swiftly and accurately, delivering critical pain cream and wound cream to patients on time, in turn keeping their recovery on point.

When you work with Waypoint Medical, your patients receive personalized compounded medications and compounding creams—and you receive customer service personalized for you.