Medical Equipment for Imaging, Compounding and More

At Waypoint Medical, we know focus is essential to excellence. Our professional medical supply sales team has developed a deeper knowledge of the technology we represent and deeper relationships with our medical device manufacturers and clients. Meanwhile, our deep roots in New England allow us to support even the most rural or remote regions of the states we call home.

Our select portfolio of medical equipment and supplies shows our focus on advanced technology, reliable manufacturing, and rigorous testing. Your dedicated Waypoint Medical sales representative will take the time to get to know you and your business, and will connect you with the medical equipment and supplies that meet your professional goals.

We understand the quality of healthcare you want to provide for your patients, and Waypoint Medical was founded to offer a better way to achieve it.

Waypoint Medical promises you the medical equipment and medical supplies you need…

  • Medical Equipment for Imaging
    Reduce radiation exposure and shadows while expanding imaging size with the Orthoscan FD Pulse, a mini c-arm with flat detector technology, or gain more versatility with a portable, light-weight Orthoscan Mobile DI.
  • Medical Equipment for PRP
    Fractionate blood at bedside while minimizing the risk of contamination with the Magellan Autologous Platelet Separator.
  • Compounding Cream Medical Supply
    A pharmacy founded and managed by experienced pharmacists, Pinnacle Compounding takes compounding to new heights.
  • Surgical Tables
    Versatile, high value, and invaluable in exam rooms and operating rooms, Surgical Tables, Inc. (STI) makes surgical tables that hold up under pressure.

… from a medical equipment sales company you can trust.
Waypoint Medical was founded by a select group of seasoned medical sales professionals who knew there was a better way to do business in today’s challenging, always changing healthcare environment. Today, Waypoint Medical’s elite medical sales team keeps New England’s premier hospitals, surgical centers, and physician offices way ahead of the curve.


If you need a medical equipment sales partner in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine, contact Waypoint Medical today.