Arteriocyte Medical Systems is a leader in the medical device industry, specializing in platelet separation technology and stem cell therapies whose focus is to serve medical professionals and caregivers in order to improve patient outcomes and help patients heal faster.

Their lead product, the MAGELLAN® Autologous Platelet Separator System is a dual spin processing system that is designed to be utilized in the clinical laboratory, office, or hospital setting to separate peripheral blood or a combination of peripheral blood and bone marrow. Fully automated and fully customizable, the MAGELLAN® delivers both platelet rich plasma (PRP) as well as platelet poor plasma (PPP) directly into a syringe and ready for injection, significantly decreasing the potential for contamination and patient infection. The use of Arteriocyte’s MAGELLAN® and concentrated PRP accelerates the repair and healing cascade in both acute and chronic wounds and damaged tissues. TruPRP has also been introduced in aesthetic applications including but not limited to wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation, and laser resurfacing, providing a natural alternative to synthetic fillers and a non-surgical, biologic approach.

With their own commercial research product division, along with collaboration and partnership with distinguished researchers and business partners, Arteriocyte is focused on the acceleration of new product innovation and clinical applications for PRP. They are currently involved in clinical development programs targeting chronic wounds, burn debridement, and infection control and continue to be on the cutting edge in cellular therapies.