About Waypoint Medical

Waypoint Medical was founded in 2013 by a select group of seasoned medical sales professionals who knew there was a better way to do business in today’s challenging, ever-changing medical services environment. Today, Waypoint Medical’s professional medical sales team is proud to keep New England’s premier hospitals, surgical centers and physician offices way ahead of the curve, and is honored to bring the best medical equipment and medical supplies in the world home to the communities we live in.

Our medical sales team specializes in medical products for regenerative medicine—orthopedic, neuro-spine, emergency and sports medicine, pain management, and podiatry—and represents only the finest medical device companies and manufacturers. Based in Wellesley, Massachusetts, Waypoint Medical serves the entire New England region, reaching providers in even the most rural and remote areas of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Our expertise, service, and medical equipment support are as extraordinary as the life-changing and lifesaving technology we provide.

Waypoint Medical offers world class business management and medical sales expertise to small and mid-sized companies, accelerating their growth with exceptional medical products and technology, while providing access and personalized services attuned to their budgets, needs, and goals. We build each business relationship the way we built our business: to grow, to thrive, and to last.

Waypoint Medical is strong, well-capitalized, and focused on the future. We are paving a new way in medical device sales from Boston to Bar Harbor to Burlington. If you need a medical device distributor in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, or Maine, there is one medical equipment sales company that is way ahead of the rest—Waypoint Medical.